Develop and Grow Your Social Business

In by Sheela Sharma


Kensington & Chelsea Social Council (KCSC) in partnership with Portobello Business Centre Programme are running a new programme part of the Community Leadership Programme funded by RBKC.

Develop and Grow Your Social Business is a programme of training and support in response to the emerging needs of fledgling and established organisations who were funded by the Grenfell Projects Fund (GPF) and Community Leadership Programme (CLP). The course is open to any resident/organisation based in RBKC; however, priority will be given to those who have applied to and/or have been awarded GPF or CLP funding.

PBC will provide specialist training which helps residents and fledgling organisations to identify the different types of legal structures available to them, such as setting-up as a self-employed person working in partnership with other services, or creating a charity or CIC themselves. We will cover topics such as communications, pricing, marketing, presentation skills, and financial controls in order to help organisations develop their brands and create a diverse portfolio of income.

Setting-up your Social Business delivered by PBC 

3rd – 9th February 2021

  • Get-to-know-each-other session
  • Legal structures of a CIC / Charity / Self-employed / Limited company – what is right for you and your idea 
  • Marketing: how to get your offer out to the community / customers
  • Branding: getting your brand to fit your organisation’s personality 
  • Pricing and the importance of a cashflow / balance sheet / profit & loss account
  • Presentation skills: being able present your story to potential funders / partners /collaborators
  • Networking event

One to one advice sessions will be available for attendees too.

Full programme, details and registration form here.

KCSC will deliver two training courses: 

  • one for new and emerging organisations focused on topics such as the fundamentals of applying for small grants, identifying the difference between an output and an outcome, identifying the priorities of the funder, structuring an application, etc.;
  • one for larger or more established organisations covering larger grants and how to create long-term connections with funders. 

Course 1: Grant Fundraising for Beginners: 11th February 2021, 10am – 12:30pm

  • Understanding activities / outputs / outcomes
  • Defining your USP
  • Evidencing need
  • Identifying the priorities of the funders
  • Structuring a grant application effectively
  • Searching a national database of grant programmes to find a small grant fund that is right for your project

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Course 2: Large grant fundraising with follow-up Grantfinder search (23rd February 2021, 10am – 12.30pm)

  • The project management cycle
  • Finding unpublicised trusts
  • Writing persuasive and detailed applications
  • Building relationships with funders
  • The large grant assessment process
  • Common mistakes and useful tips
  • Searching a national database of grant programmes to find a large grant fund that is right for your project

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Alongside these training programmes, organisations can access free one-to-one support from both KSCS and PBC  to compete all of the necessary documents required to set up your new organisation, as well as help with project planning, producing a project budget, and drafting a grant application. 

All of the support offered within this programme has been designed to accommodate residents / organisations who do not have a technical understanding of the topic, and people with English as an additional language. Concepts and key terminology will be explained at a steady pace. This 1-1 support will be available between December 2020 and March 2021

If you need any further assistance please contact our PBC Team and, or KCSC:

All the information will be shared between the two organisations (Portobello Business Centre and Kensington & Chelsea Social Council) and the funders, Royal Borough Of Kensington & Chelsea.