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Are you feeling stuck and unsure when it comes to current and future business challenges and opportunities?

Business and Strategy Coach, R.A.Williams, can help you and your business to get unstuck and to take clear and effective next steps.

If you’d like her help, give us a call now on 020 7460 5050 or email us on info@pbc.co.uk.

About R.A.Williams

R.A.Williams runs a Business and Strategy Coaching practice which specialises in helping teams, organisations and individuals to achieve deeper clarity and improved results.

Alongside her work coaching private clients, she has coached on a number of PBC courses as well founding the PBC Business Coaching Helpdesk to provide effective and accessible coaching to London-based founders. Since setting up the PBC Business Coaching Helpdesk, she has helped a large number of PBC clients to set and achieve clear and successful Outcomes for their businesses.

She is also the creator of the From Stuck to Start ONION®, a highly effective coaching framework for teams and individuals.