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Business Support Fundraising

If you would like to donate, please click here.

The “knock on” effect of the fire has been that local businesses are now starting to fail and the loss of another community – the business community is becoming very real.

We are seeking your help and any funding you provide will be spent on providing hands-on support enabling real work (not just advice) to be done to help these businesses survive. 

We will use the funding to engage specific people with specific skills to meet the specific needs of businesses affected.

The businesses affected by the tragic events of the fire at Grenfell Tower include self-employed survivors who’ve lost family members, the local businesses who’ve lost valued friends and customers as well as many other businesses who’ve seen their trade decimated by the loss of footfall and trade.

These small local businesses were unable to trade for periods of up to 3 weeks because of their close proximity to the tower or because their businesses were behind cordoned off areas or closed off roads.

With so many people now decanted or moved out of the area the impact on the community and the businesses through lack of footfall continues. Some businesses are witnessing a downturn of 70% of turnover- and this will continue while the tower is demolished and local roads continue to be closed.

Without your help there is a real danger that they may well be forced to close.

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Skills and Time Donation

Can you give your time and skills?

Post the fire – the impact on the businesses has been quite intense.  Many have lost family, friends and work colleagues.  Most of the businesses are small and micro family run businesses that have been reliant on a local trading market place for 20 -30 years.

With a loss of income immediately after the fire and a downturn in business activity and trade since – they now have business support needs way beyond their current skills sets and resources.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get involved to make a difference, and have skills that could be useful and a real benefit in supporting the businesses, we’d love to hear from you.

We, as well as the businesses affected by Grenfell also need your skills – if you have tangible and provable business skills and the time available to come and “do” and you are prepared to give some time and those skills then we’d like you to register Skills REgister – Volunteers GrenfellBiz. (We really don’t need lots of consultants who simply advise, they need people who will do things for them)

As an example the business affected may well need help with developing simple straightforward things like:

  • A simple website, – to help engage with a different market
  • Writing some marketing copy, – to promote themselves to new customers
  • Help with recruiting a new member of staff
  • Setting up a Facebook / Twitter page – most of the business don’t have these
  • Admin – extra resources they simply don’t have

If you would like to offer your support please download the Skills REgister – Volunteers GrenfellBiz complete it and send it to

A big “Thank You” from the PBC team!