Supporting Businesses affected by Grenfell Tower Event

In by Mihai Editor

We continue to support all the businesses that have been affected by the tragic events of the fire at Grenfell Tower. These businesses include self-employed survivors who’ve lost family members, the local businesses who’ve lost valued friends and customers as well as many other businesses who’ve seen their income decimated by the loss of footfall and trade.

What you won’t have heard in the news is that some 40+ small local businesses were unable to trade for periods of up to 3 weeks because of their close proximity to the tower or because their businesses were behind cordoned off areas or closed off roads.

We would also ask our community to support these businesses too.  There are three ways you can do this. Check them out below:

Be Their Customers

These are some of the businesses Clashed by the tragic events at Grenfell Tower and have either been directly distressed, caught behind cordoned off areas or road closures and loss of footfall.
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Support & Donations

We are seeking your help and any funding you provide will be spent on providing hands-on support enabling real work (not just advice) to be done to help these businesses survive.
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Paving The Way Project

This project is finished in June 2019 Portobello Business Centre presents the Paving The Way project, funded by NatWest Skills and Opportunities Fund. The project which will last until June 2019, designed to start rebuilding an informal business base, to regrow the essential …
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Rocket Launch Your Own Business

If you are an RBKC resident (primarily living in North Kensington) and want to start your own business this is a perfect opportunity to get business advice and attend courses/seminar for FREE gaining the knowledge you need to take a step forward. …
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