Do you need to send HMRC a tax return?

Do you need to send HMRC a tax return?

If you need to send HMRC a 2018-19 tax return but haven’t yet done so, take advantage of this online support.

Let HMRC help you with your tax return with online guidance designed for those receiving UK property income.

Individuals with income from UK residential property: In this live webinar they explain the income from property allowance, cash basis and traditional accounting, expenses and deductions and the changes to residential finance costs. Next session:

How to complete your online tax return – UK property income section: This covers record keeping, allowable expenses including changes to finance costs and simplified expenses for vehicles and the main parts of the UK property section of the tax return.

Thursday 5 December – 10am to 11am

Tax return – question and answer session for UK property income: During this webinar they’ll take you through sending your tax return online, personalising it and filling in the UK property page. They’re unable to discuss anything confidential during these sessions, so please don’t give them any personal details.

You can ask questions throughout their live webinars using the on-screen text box.

HMRC’s YouTube channel also has a series of short videos to help you with your UK property income.

And their online guide, ‘Letting out property, has lots of useful information in easy to find sections and is available whenever you need it.