INCOGNITO, Manufacturer Of Natural Insect Repellent

In by Sheela Sharma


Incognito® insect repellent was born out of the misfortune of its creator Howard Carter, who contracted malaria whilst traveling through India, and then dengue fever in Asia.

The experience motivated Howard to invent a natural insect repellent that worked. Incognito® was founded with principles of environmental and social sustainability; serving customers an effective, 100% natural repellent stronger than any other on the market.

Established in 2007, incognito® successfully captured a gap in the market and has since grown in presence both within and outside the UK.

Not wanting to fall into the unsustainable pathways many businesses tread, a sustainable management approach was constructed, giving incognito® the foundations with which to support a growing business and ensuring sustainability in all spheres was at the forefront of decisions.

Incognito remains a family run business, with a small team who work hard to keep up with the fast growth of the company. The queen’s award winning range has grown to 12 unique anti-insect products, including insect repellent, sun & skincare, home & garden protection, as well as afterbite relief.

The range is made using natural and organic ingredients, all the products are vegan society approved, and our flagship products have been accreddited by the soil association as cosmos natural.

Being at such close proximity to Grenfell, we are reminded daily of this awful tragedy, though we have also been able to witness and support the incredible outpouring of help from the local and wider London communities first hand. Our business & sales have been affected by this awful event which has resulted in last-minute evacuations in our building & disruption for a number of weeks.