Eco Kindly

In by Sheela Sharma

Eliana, the founder of Eco Kindly believes that being sustainable is being kind to you & kind to the planet. When you shop eco kindly, you’re choosing fantastic products made with passion and sourced with care. Read her story below:

What’s your background?

“I have worked for the Ministry of Justice in London and have a background in Finance which gave me a valuable experience but, in my heart, I knew I wanted to do something where I could express my creative self.”

Do you have any qualifications?

“I have a Mini MBA from Birbeck University in London, learned about sustainability and challenges of the modern world, as well as how to make a positive contribution to society at the University of Bristol.”

What does your business do?

“Eco Kindly provides eco-friendly, ethically-sourced products to customers all over the world. We pride ourselves on being natural, cruelty-free, chemical-free, and plastic-free. Eco Kindly was created to support both people and the planet. Our household essentials and personal care products are designed and manufactured not be harmful to the planet or to our bodies as I believe sustainability and desirability can both exist in harmony. At Eco Kindly we value everyone’s safety, as well as the transparency & sustainability of all Eco Kindly products.”

Why and how did you start your business journey?

“In 2013 I was quite ill and admitted to hospital. I had numerous hormonal imbalances and they were playing havoc with my mental and physical health. My immune system was so low which was why I was getting ill all of the time, and my head was so cloudy, everything in my mind was hazy. I felt like I wasn’t being given any help that was working, so I decided to do my own research. I found an enlightening article about how the chemicals in our everyday products can damage our health and also the planet. The more I looked into it, the more I found and the more interested I became in this area. Stories of illness, and even infertility, and all of them were linked to toxic products bought every day in shops around the world. I knew I had to make healthy changes to give myself a chance of living a better life and do something for the planet.”

How did you come up with this business idea? What about your business’s name?

“I’m passionate about people, transparency, sustainability, natural beauty, and wellness. When I found out that I needed to do some changes in my lifestyle in order to survive, it was hard to find a place where I could buy genuine products that do not harm the planet and our body in the same place. Eco Kindly came easy in my mind and it is simple and honest and shows the fact that we need to be kind to the planet and to ourselves.” 

Did you have any other ideas at the beginning?

“No, it was clear in my mind what my mission was and what I wanted to do, I could see how it would be rewarding for people and for the planet and I could not think about anything else.”

How did you decide to start your business during this challenging period?

“It was 4 months before the pandemic when I launched Eco Kindly, I was devastated as I had so much planned. I knew I could not stop, so I used the time to evaluate the business, have a clear vision about where I wanted to take it, and learn as much as I could about sustainability and the online business industry.”

What inspires you to do what you do?

“It is saving the planet together & helping people to make sustainable choices; we all deserve to grow happier and healthier in unison. We are all connected to nature and we should all make a positive contribution to society; we have been given our body and this planet for free and we all should take care of it in the best way we can.”

What’s your next step?

“Although we all know what is good for us and for the planet, we don’t always have time to search for it or sometimes we doubt the products are genuine. At Eco Kindly I want to make it easier for everyone to find a real sustainable product that ticks all the boxes in one place, products that are chemical-free, plastic-free, cruelty-free and zero-waste. We are planning to bring children eco-friendly goods so we can educate our children at early stages of their lives. We do the hard job to find the best eco-friendly products, so everyone can seat back and wait for it to arrive at your door.”

How has your journey been so far?

“Eco Kindly has had a very bumpy road, but at every low point I stand up again because I know it is all worth it. People have been amazing in supporting my company and ideals in every way, and we have the following and the support of celebrities and doctors on our social media channels which is so overwhelming.”

What’s your business dream?

“My dreams and goals are to help people all around the world to make healthy and sustainable choices by bringing awareness, which we do via our social media accounts – @ecokindly.”

“Every product we buy should not be harmful to our bodies or the planet. If people educate themselves by shopping consciously & adding more natural and eco products to their daily life, we can make a huge impact ON THE PLANET and ON OUR HEALTH. Step by step, we can get there together.”

How do you define success?  

“I define success on a daily basis by helping people; each person that comes to me and says they have made the change to sustainable living because I was an inspiration, that’s a big success already. Making an impact and helping people and the planet is a huge personal success, it’s priceless and thoroughly rewarding.”

What’s your advice to other people who have business ideas?

“Find something that you are passionate about, and you will never regret it. Keep moving forward every day, be persistent and never ever give up.”

How has PBC helped you?

“At PBC I had the support I needed to understand all areas of a business and I could get the fundamental advice on it. I went to an event called “Meet the Experts” at PBC and it was eye-opening for my business. I also completed the “Business Start-up” course which gave me great insight.”

Would you recommend PBC?

“Portobello Business Centre was incredibly helpful with great recommendations and they gave me a clear vision about what I needed in order to run a business on a daily basis. I felt very welcome and everyone was extremely professional.”

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