GDPR - How to Stay Within the Law

GDPR – How to Stay Within the Law

It’s never too late and on the eve of GDPR, we are here to help!

You do not have to be completely compliant by the 25th May but you have to have a plan of action and this is something you can still achieve by the deadline.

With all the fear tactics and cost implications of not being compliant, a lot of businesses are either terrified of it coming into force or taking the “it doesn’t apply to me” approach.

GDPR is not something to be worried about, it’s a legislation that is for us, to protect our data and to take back control. It’s also a great way companies can streamline their business and become more efficient in everything from Marketing to Sales.

Whether you are a one-man band or an established large organisation, this session on GDPR is relevant to you and your business.

About the speakers:

Emma Savory is the marketing and web manager at Lucidica. She started looking into GDPR because she wanted to find out how she could continue marketing and generating leads whilst being GDPR compliant.

Yugansh is an engineer at Lucidica. His role within GDPR is to look at the processes and ways in which you store and delete data to become GDPR compliant.

Please note that this event has been organised in partnership with the Kensington Central Library

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Jun 25 2018


All Day
Kensington Central Library


Kensington Central Library
12 Phillimore Walk, W8 7RX
Portobello Business Centre


Portobello Business Centre