"If you want to set up your own business but you have not the experience to do that, this is the place you are looking for! Thay can offer you helpful and valuable advices related to your product or service, marketing, finance or whatever you need to know about making your fist steps. The advisors are supportive and really friendly!"

Marianna Kisandraki

"I've been using their services on and off since the nineties...Always a good starting point. The first social media course I did with them in 2010/11? was a game changer for me... check them out!"

Jax Etta

"Great work, very successful organisation. In partnership with the Rotary Club of Paddington."

Mac Purcell

"A fantastic organisation for those who want the opportunity to set up their own business... And a gr8 bunch to have the pleasure to work with ..!!"

Angela Lewis

"A truly fantastic organisation!"

Allen Pluck

"Always been a pleasure working with the people at the PBC"

Laurie Bernard

"Q. Did the adviser understand your business? A. An awful lot better than I do......"


"Many thanks to the Portobello Business Centre for their excellent and sympathetic advice recently. They staff are also incredibly helpful and friendly. We recommend their services highly!"

Jonathan and Edwin, Anderson & Low