Stephanie Moreno-Beck – Digital Outreach Officer

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Stephanie has been living in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea since she was born and she loves the area. She attended a school in Essex where she completed her A levels in Geography, Politics, and Business. Stephanie graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in Business and Management. Post graduation, she volunteered at a food bank where she became Head of Fundraising.

What she loves most about working at PBC is that she gets to help the local community, as well as local businesses. Stephanie joined PBC as part of the Government’s Kickstart Scheme, more information here.

Job Title – Digital Outreach Officer

  • Date Joined – March 2021
  • Likes – Venturing around Portobello, drinking coffee
  • Dislikes – Slow walkers!
  • Hobbies – Running, volunteering
  • Favourite Brand – Dr Organic (best skin care brand in my opinion)
  • Favourite Holiday – Cancun, Mexico