Sandra Camalo – Receptionist

In by mihai

Sandra started as a volunteer and joined the PBC team as a Receptionist shortly after. She has experience in admin, retail and catering but after having children stayed at home for few years.

Starting as a volunteer gave her the push to go back to work and working at PBC has been a great opportunity for her. PBC is a very busy office and every day brings a different challenge but when you are in an environment with lovely professionals and good vibes, work can be a great place!

  • Job Title: Receptionist
  • Date joined: 20/6/2019 part-time contract, previously September 2018 as a volunteer
  • Likes: homemade food, watching movies and a good laugh
  • Dislike:  People with no manners
  • Hobbies: sewing, painting
  • Favourite Brand: not a particular brand person
  • Favourite Holiday: somewhere with sun, mountains or beach and silence. Machu Pichu in Peru or Perito Moreno in Argentina watching wales will be a dream come true.