Lailah Khallouk Marketing Assistant

Lailah Khallouk – Marketing Assistant

In by Marianna Kisandraki

Lailah was born in Paris and she comes originally from Morocco. She has lived in RBKC since 2013, where she developed a strong relationship with her community in North Kensington. She has various experiences in the marketing field and holds a BA (Hons) in Media and Communication. She also likes volunteering and helping local charities.

While she is committed to helping others, joining the PBC Team is a great opportunity for her to support the local community to build and grow their own businesses!

Job Title: Assistant Marketing

Date Joined: April 2022

Likes: Current Affairs, Debate, and Chocolate

Dislikes: Liars, Melon, and Unfairness

Hobbies: Riding a bike and watching movies

Favourite Brand: TKMax

Favourite Holiday: France