Kumar Gaurav – Board Member

June 30, 2020

Kumar Gaurav – Board Member

Kumar has worked in Information Technology for over 17 years. He is now working as a Solutions Architect with one of the Big Fours in London and has extensive hands-on leadership experience working with many organisations across diverse sectors.

Following the completion of a Masters of Science in Physics, he worked in India enabling the Income Tax department of the Government of India and many other commercial organisations enabling their journey in IT for a number of years.

Kumar relocated to the UK in 2010 and with a recent MBA is driving the creation and delivery of exceptional enterprise-level business. He is a results-focused executive and solutions driver skilled in closing the gap between requirements and technology with optimum, cost-controlled infrastructure designs. He is an accomplished communicator skilled in building and strengthening relationships across functions to drive cohesive, strategic operations.

  • Job Title – Non-Exec Director / PBC Board Member
  • Likes – Keeping abreast of new technologies and trends in IT, helping others, volunteering, exploring new places with family, and sharing ideas with colleagues and friends
  • Dislikes – Dishonesty, sarcasm, negativity
  • Hobbies – Travelling to different countries to experience new cultures and traditions, mentoring, solving puzzles, strategic games
  • Favourite Brand – Microsoft, MSF 
  • Favourite Holiday – Uganda, where I got the chance to support local communities with water and sanitisation issues.
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