Carole Pyke

Marketing Strategy Help Desk

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The word Marketing makes you stressed? There is no reason any more. Our Marketing Strategist Carole Pyke is here for you.

She will help you to understand the basics on Marketing in order to give your business a boost and reach more potential customers.

Carole is one of our Directors too.

To find out more, call 020 7460 5050 or email us.

About Carole Pyke:

Carole lives at the intersection of hugs (hug is an acronym for hearing, understanding, giving back value), words and storytelling. Otherwise known as The Personal Brand Storyteller, Carole is an idea catalyst and marketing strategist with 20+ years in marketing and event management and holds two degrees in marketing. 

She is an accomplished workshop facilitator and has been a senior lecturer at Southbank University on the Chartered Institute of Marketingʼs eMarketing Course. 

Carole is also an inspirational speaker, certified laughter leader and author. Learn more about her here