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Business Help Desks

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Do you need to ask questions and get answers to help you grow your business?

Do you need help with your accounts?

Would you like to learn new ways to improve your business visibility online?

Grab the opportunity to meet professionals who are experts in their industries, gain from their knowledge for FREE, and give your business a boost.

Contact us to book your appointment with one of our experts:

  • David Taylor (PBC’s Deputy Chair & Digital Business Consultant) – Digital Strategy Advice
  • R. A. Williams (Business Coach) – Business Coaching
  • Carole Pyke (Marketing Strategist) – Marketing Strategy Advice
  • Jilly Clark (Design Consultant & Lecturer) – Branding Advice
  • Mandeep Ubhi (Accountant) – Accounting Advice
  • Julian Holden (WordPress) – WordPress Website Advice

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