Help the London Fire Brigade and keep London safer

Letter from Brian Dear, Business Engagement Coordinator, London Fire Brigade

“I am writing to community, faith and business groups to ask for your help in delivering important fire safety messages to small and medium-sized businesses that serve our communities.

Many businesses are now re-opening, and adapting how they work to incorporate social distancing. Fire safety needs to be considered alongside these changes. You can find more information for businesses in the attached guidance note and on the London Fire Brigade website.

Fire Risk Assessments This key document is likely to need updating to reflect changes in staffing levels and working practices.

Emergency evacuation plans Do you need to update your plan to incorporate social distancing into your evacuations and fire drills? Read our advice.

Fire alarm systems Has your usual testing and maintenance schedule been disrupted? It’s time to check your alarms, extinguishers and other systems.

Fire doors Are staff propping open doors to avoid touching them when they should be kept shut? Know the risks.

Staff training Do you still have the fire wardens and fire marshals you need?

Arson Make sure combustible material hasn’t built up on or near to your premises.

Salvage plans Are your staff on standby if a salvage operation is needed? What if your staffing levels have changed?

I would like to thank all community, faith and business leaders for your help in getting the fire safety message out to all re-opening enterprises.”

Brian Dear

Business Engagement Coordinator

London Fire Brigade

169 Union Street London SE1 0LL