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Free Digital Marketing Webinars for Beginners (Series)

Stay home, stay with PBC, upgrade your digital skills for your business.

PBC with Julian Holden – our Digital Marketing Expert – have organised a series of FREE webinars for all of you who would like to boost your business digital presence.

If you want to make a website work for your business, you are not familiar with social media or don’t know how to create content to use online, this is the place to start.

For the next 7 Thursdays, at 10am, we will be looking forward to you joining us for the sessions; you can use your device (smartphone, laptop, tablet) by clicking the link you will receive after your registration.

You can register now here.


  • 30th April, 10am – 11am: Introduction to Digital Marketing

A beginner’s introduction to email, the web and social media.  

  • 7th May, 10am – 11am: Making a Website Work for Your Business

Many small businesses have a website but can’t tell how well it is working or think it could be more effective. This session will provide some simple techniques to allow you to measure the effectiveness of your website, and some actions to make it a more effective marketing tool. 

  • 14th May, 10am – 11am: Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasting

Today anybody can be a journalist, TV presenter, or radio show host. This session will teach you how to use these techniques to engage with your customers.

  •  21st May, 10am – 11am: Using Social Media for Business

What do we mean by social networking and what does this have to do with Facebook? This session will help you develop a social media presence and looks at the value of commercial social networks to your business.

  • 28th May, 10am – 11am: Using Facebook for Business

We think of Facebook as a social network but for businesses it is also a place where your customers are searching for solutions, as well as an effective and low-cost way of reaching them through advertising. See how in this short session.

  • 4th June, 10am – 11am: Using Instagram for Business

If your products are design-driven, it is likely your customers are looking for them on Instagram. See how to present your brand on this popular visual platform.

  •  11th June, 10am – 11am: Creating Content To Use Online

Is your online content more about what you want to say, rather than what your potential customers want to know? This session looks at how we bridge this gap and how we create or find suitable content for your website and your social media channels.

Register now for free. If you have any questions, please contact Marianna at

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