Electric Vintage Beetles in North Kensington

Electric Vintage Beetles in North Kensington

Would you want to convert your car into an electric vehicle for the future?

eClassics have teamed up with Jack’s Garage in North Kensington to be the sole UK appointment to convert the classic Beetle.

Portobello Business Centre was there on the day of the launch and spoke with Martin Acevedo the founder of eClassics and Gianfranco Pizzuto the Sales & Marketing Director.

“The amazing thing is that Joseph did a conversion of his own last summer. We are here to support him and transfer our 12-year knowledge and experience to electric vehicle conversions to his garage transforming old vehicles into environmental-friendly electric cars.

We are able to optimize everything but most important classics have a partnership with one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, Volkswagen Group. That means that they supply us directly and we have access to the latest technology. In other words, the technology we provide is the same that is sold from VW Group!” Franco explained to us.

“Some people don’t care about the environment but they do care about their finance. For us, it’s both! Let’s reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and improve our finances too. Traditional cars cost you every day. You pay for petrol and you have to think about the cost of oil services, changing parts and more. Even if we get rid of some old stuff, we can keep our economy up and running giving a second life to our old cars. We can preserve these cars for another 100 years thanks to electric power. This sounds like saving money to me.”

Martin Acevedo shared his love for these cars with us saying: “We are excited to be here today, at Jacks Garage in North Kensington. We are engineers who love to do electric conversions and the opportunity to do the same here today is the exciting part of our job.”

Joseph Salama is waiting to hear from you if you would like to learn more about his services. Don’t hesitate to contact him on 0207243 8926.