MyLifeMix 9 Week Course

MyLifeMix 9 Week Course

MyLifeMix – A 9-week Start-up Course for Women

The funding for this programme has sadly come to an end, we are trying to source other means of funding this programme and we will update this page as soon as we have any news.

Have you ever dreamed about starting your own business?

We are delighted to announce the dates and details of the MyLifeMix programme.

Portobello Business Centre and award winning trainer Sarah Jane Menato – bring you a programme that will take you from having the seed of an idea through to the germination and growth process to getting your business off the ground and up and running.

This flexible and comprehensive course, specifically designed for women,
runs one-day-a-week (Tuesdays) over a 9-week period.

Starting and running a business takes having an idea, motivation, time, energy and skill. This is an opportunity to explore what’s involved and see for yourself just how easy it might be to set up and run your own business.
You could be up and running in just 9 weeks.

Women often consider self-employment for unique reasons, wanting to balance caring responsibilities alongside the need to make money, and the longing to do work they love.

If you have a business idea, a hobby you’d like to make money from, or are simply wondering if you’ve got what it takes, then this course is for you. It will answer your questions, help you risk assess your ideas and support you in exploring how being self-employed might work for you. In the company of like-minded women you will learn a great deal, have a lot of fun and cover topics that include:

What is an Entrepreneur?

Why choose self-employment?

What are the skills and qualities of an entrepreneur?

Work-Life-Balance and your vision of your future.

Business Plans. What are they and who are they for?

You as your best marketing resource and use of social media for business.

Managing paperwork, your finances and what the taxman needs.

Contact us for details (dates, course programme and further information) - 020 7460 5050

Comments from past participants:

I have enjoyed working with a group of diverse women with very different backgrounds and ethnicity.  So many business networks are so very ‘dull and grey’, this felt inclusive and the opportunity to share ideas very useful.  The course has served to remind me too, the importance of having, and working, a business plan.  The framework has been invaluable in exchanging and building the business idea with my partner.  The structure together with the network giving emotional support is vitally important.”  Hilary Dobson

“Thank you to Sarah-Jane and the PBC for providing such a marvellous course.  I find it astonishing that such a fantastic service can be provided for free!  Really cannot recommend highly enough.  The quality and level of teaching and facilities is fantastic.  I’m so sad the course has to come to an end, as I have so thoroughly enjoyed having Tuesdays dedicated to this.  The group of women on the course are all so unique and fascinating in their own way.  I truly feel we have established a rich and varied network of all kinds of skills.  Sarah-Jane has been kind, supportive and insightful throughout.  Her intuition is so apt and perfect, it really is amazing.  I’m leaving the course feeling informed, enthusiastic and empowered.  I’m ready to enter the big bad scary world as a ‘self-employed warrior women’.”  Rowan Lewis  (soon to be

Booking Fees – The course provided is without charge.  An £80 refundable deposit secures your place on the course. This course was part funded by RBS Inspiring Women.