Music Business Courses


The music business courses are led by industry professionals who provide valuable information and insights from their areas of expertise.

Classes have a maximum of 20 learners and course times are tailored to meet the needs of students, running at weekends as well as evenings.

Some of the lecturers delivering courses at the PBC include Ann Harrison (Author of Music the business: the essential guide to the law and the deals) Keith Harris, Kwaku, Steve “Anthony” Campbell, Sam Campbell, Martin Lascelles and Remi plus PBC head of music business, Boomy Tokan.

The courses we currently run include:

  • understanding the business of music
  • music business management
  • how to develop a fan base
  • raising money for your music business
  • developing a tour campaign
  • understanding online promotion
  • how to market your products abroad
  • the music business and the law
  • running a music business event

To find out more, call 020 7460 5050 or email us.