Marianna Kisandraki "Marketing Communication & Digital Media Officer"

Marianna Kisandraki

Marianna comes from sunny Athens, in Greece, and she has a passion, experience and background on digital marketing. She has worked for the largest Digital Advertising agencies in Greece for both global and local clients as well as on the client side gained experience in branding and product development.

Wanting to follow her dreams, she moved in London and she met PBC’s team as a volunteer on May 2016. Today, “it’s my pleasure to work with its inspiring team as a Marketing Communication and Digital Media Officer promoting PBC around the digital world with the aim to approach and support more and more people who want to follow their dreams and set up their own business!”, she says.

Job Title – Marketing Communications & Digital Media Officer
Date Joined – January 2017
Likes – Colours, Italian food, New Technologies
Dislikes – Negative People, Coca-Cola, Okra
Hobbies – Cooking/Baking, Volunteering, 30-day Challenges
Favourite Brand – LEGO
Favourite Holiday – Greece