Oakwood Remedies – Nitty Gritty products

In by Sheela Sharma

Oakwood Remedies makes the child-friendly range of Nitty Gritty head lice products that are loved by families the length and breadth of Britain and beyond.

The jewel in our crown is the amazing Nitty Gritty Comb, which won a coveted Daily Telegraph Family Friendly award and was named the Rolls Royce of Nit combs by the Guardian.

Founded and still run by three local London mums – Amanda (Coplans), Gill (Newton) and Lillan (Osterberg) – who know exactly what it’s like to go through ‘head lice hell’.

There is no corporation behind us, no call centre, no advertising agency. We started and still run our company with a single mission in mind:
We will do everything we possibly can to help our customers and their families ‘beat the bugs’ without horrible chemical pesticides.

What we had in common?
We were all mums of daughters who were constantly riddled with head lice.

Why did we start Nitty Gritty?
Because when our three daughters constantly came home from school with head lice, we bought every single gadget, gimmick, potion and lotion that we could find… and nothing worked.

We put our heads together and the Nitty Gritty range was born….