Geoff Mann "Vice Chair"

Geoff Mann

1980s/1990s Telecomms and Facilities Manager. 2000s Director of a Telecomms Consultancy (PBC Client). His qualifications are in Economics, Business Administration, Project Management and Marketing.

In June 1999 Geoff visited the Portobello Business Centre offices for the first time. He was being made redundant and wanted to try running my own Company. The problem was that he didn't have a clue how to go about this.

“PBC helped set up my business, supported me over the years and finally advised me how to wind up my Company as I prepared for retirement. As well as practical support, PBC have been incredibly patient and kind. When you are struggling to establish a business, this makes all the difference. I owe PBC a lot!! When I found out that Directors were being sought from within the Client group, I was delighted that I could now give something back to an organisation that, when it mattered most, had really been there for me.”