Intro to 'Digital & Social Media'

Intro to 'Digital & Social Media'

Tuesday 23 May 2017
Intro to 'Digital & Social Media'

Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm


The world is changing, people are changing, content is changing, markets are changing. Find out how you can make sense of this ever-evolving marketplace and reach out to new customers.

Discover how today’s consumers all communicate and engage in a variety of different ways, learn what content works best and see how easy it is to build a robust marketing strategy from your smartphone.

We’ll guide you through the six steps you need to build and run a successful business in today’s increasingly digital world.

And there will be a chance to take part in the ‘Generation Game’ – a fun, practical exercise designed to help you understand how best to reach and engage with your customers.

The workshop will be run by social media expert and author David Taylor as part of the Love Your Local Market campaign and the New Youthquake initiative which is aimed at 16-30 year olds.

You can read a bit more about David here:


A bit more about Youthquake...

New Youthquake is designed to give opportunities to West London’s young business minds and creative talent. Participants will have many chances to learn new skills and pioneer new ways of doing things on a market. New businesses and existing traders are invited to get a feel of a lively market environment, and shoppers are encouraged to visit and discover all that their markets have to offer. Stay updated by returning to this page, liking New Youthquake on Facebook, following @NewYouthquake on Twitter and @newyouthquake on Instagram.