The Pure Package

The Pure Package

In by Sheela Sharma

Jennifer Irvine (pictured) launched The Pure Package in 2003 from her own kitchen. The company delivers freshly prepared meals direct to the doorstep with the food prepared by a team of nutritionists, dietary therapists and chefs.

Menus can be tailored to specific health goals like healthier eating weight loss or recovery after childbirth. Jennifer also goes to a great deal of trouble to ensure that her company operates to the highest ethical standards – she calls it’?convenience with a conscience’.

Her hard work has brought her a fistful of awards over the years including London’s Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2005, Harper’s Bazaar Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 and the Make Your Mark Female Entrepreneur of the Year, 2008.

‘I spent my childhood on a self-sufficient farm in West Cork, explains Jennifer, ‘so my passion for fresh, naturally produced food started early. My parents still make an artisan cheese, Milleens, which is sold in Ireland and the UK.

‘Our service is for busy people who want to eat well and healthily but don’t have the time to the do the shopping, preparation and cooking. I like to think of it as a posh meals on wheels.

‘I always had a feeling that I would set up on my own. When I decided to do just that, I went to the Portobello Business Centre and took the start your own business course. Although I had a strong business concept, I really needed practical advice on topics ranging from human resources to accountancy.

‘My business adviser was also able to help me to improve my business plan and for my first two years of operation, I had full IT support from the Business Centre.

‘After my low-key start, all on my own in my family kitchen, I now use several thousand square feet of space and I employ 21 people. We have a loyal client-base, with 90 per cent of our business coming from returning customers.

‘I still speak regularly to them and am very happy with the business advice they give me. Of course, you can get other advice from commercial sources. But with the PBC, I can always feel sure that they are motivated by what is best for my business rather than by financial gain.’