Stream Organising

In by Sheela Sharma

If you’re living or working space has become so cluttered it’s actually difficult to find a square foot of floor space, then you probably need the services of Stream Organising. This company, founded by super-organiser Lorraine Wragg, can get everything shipshape for you, making your life easier and increase your work productivity. Stream Organising can also help you with moving home or office, and the company can make your move stress-free, even at very short notice.

Lorraine founded Stream Organising in 2004. Before that, she had worked for six years as a graphic designer in the film and TV industry. “I found it to be a rather cutthroat industry,” Lorraine remembers, “I actually really loved being a designer but the selfishness of the industry put me off. I then went on to work as a producer which I enjoyed even more.

“I discovered that I had a real talent for organising and got a lot of satisfaction from making things go smoothly. I found being a producer much easier than designing, and I felt that I could do the whole organising side of things in my sleep. Then, after four years as a producer, I was made redundant. That was an unpleasant experience at first, but I realised that it opened new opportunities for me as I had enough money to survive for a year without worries.

“That was when the whole de-cluttering idea was beginning to take hold, especially in America. It just occurred to me, why can’t I do that here in London? The idea of improving your life by clearing up your clutter was just beginning to enter the British consciousness.

“Once I had the idea, I then had to think about how to set up my business, something I had no previous experience of. I had a massive learning curve ahead of me.

“It was 2003, and at that time there were perhaps only three other people operating de-cluttering business in the country. That was an exciting thought, that I was there at the creation of a new industry, and one that I was sure would take off.

“I got hold of a business plan template from the bank and started an intensive period of research and planning. But doing everything online and on my own didn’t give me everything I needed in the way of support and encouragement, and that’s where the Portobello Business Centre came in.

“I was actually referred to them by the Job Centre. Colin Rutt became my business adviser and he was able to offer me just the sort of one-to-one support I needed.

“I’ve loved working with Colin over the years – he’s someone I can turn to for advice whenever I need it. He has such a tremendous breadth of business experience. Many of my friends and some of my family had been a little apprehensive about me setting up my own business, but Colin gave me loads of encouragement. He also gave me realistic advice based on a thorough analysis of my business plan and, together, we mapped out what I needed to do to succeed.

“Colin’s advice and help was invaluable, but that wasn’t all I got from the Business Centre. I also went on a variety of their short courses dealing with topics like accounting, tax and marketing. They’re excellent in giving you the essential information you needed to set up your own business.”

Lorraine had just given birth to her first child when Portobello Business Centre interviewed her for this piece, and was on maternity leave. “Obviously, a new baby is quite overwhelming,” says Lorraine, “but I’ve been thinking about future expansion for my business, possibly along the lines of franchising. One thing I’m sure of, I’ll be contacting Colin for advice once I’m back into the swing of things!”

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