In by Marianna Kisandraki

The picture features Jason Bull to the left and a model wearing an Eversbrook suit.

Jason Bull is a newcomer to the world of fashion, although not the world of business. Before he set up his Eversbrook label selling stylishly sophisticated menswear with an unmistakably English sensibility, he ran a successful electrical contracting business for many years.

Jason ran the electrical business from 2000 when he came to England from Australia where he’d worked in a variety of jobs including a spell in mining. “The years I spent in the electrical business were fine,” remembers Jason, “but I’d always thought of doing something else and fashion was and is something I’m fascinated by. Eventually, I’d had enough of the electrical contracting business and I decided to make the leap into something new.

“I came across the Portobello Business Centre on the internet and saw information about the Fashion Masterclass course,” Jason remembers. “Even although I had business experience, I knew I had a lot to learn about the fashion business so I signed up for the course. Some of the skills I had such as business administration, bookkeeping and the whole financial side of things were definitely transferrable, but the fashion business is quite complex so there was a huge amount for me to learn.

“I really enjoyed the Fashion Masterclass and the course leader, David Jones was very inspiring – the course really helped to up my confidence levels and made me feel I could succeed in my new enterprise.

After the course, David invited me to join his mentoring scheme and that’s been really fantastic. There have been plenty of bumps along the way in getting Eversbrook off the ground – unexpected delays, people letting me down at the last minute – but David’s always been there to help me overcome problems. He’s been a huge help in linking me up with right people such as designers, photographers and manufacturers.

“I had actually tried with a fashion business before I really got my company off the ground,” says Jason, “but it was once I went through the Business Centre fashion course that I really became focussed and turned my ideas into a viable business.

“It was a big step and it’s been a little bit scary, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the photo shoots, the design work, building the sales – all of that has been really exciting. Because I was determined to have everything just right before I formally launched, it took many months of hard work, but it’s been well worth all the effort.

“The Portobello Business Centre has been really good for me and working with David Jones has helped me tremendously. The Centre offers an excellent service and compared to other training and business support options its prices are very reasonable.”