A Woman on Purpose

A Woman on Purpose

In by Sheela Sharma

The multi-talented Alexandra Gold is an author, poet, spiritual teacher and speaker who uses her own life experience to empower others and to help them become spiritually, financially and personally independent. Her book A Woman On Purpose has been at the number one spot in the ‘Women and Spirituality’ section of Amazon’s Kindle paid bestsellers chart.

While South African born Alex had happiness in her early life, she had to overcome much more than her fair share of adversity in later life. When she was younger, she was an actress and a lead singer in a folk-rock band and went on to work in businesses as varied as a theatrical agency and a leather tannery. She worked extensively in sales and marketing and ran the Berwick Street Studios in Soho for a period of years.

Life seemed even better when, having been told that she would never be able to conceive naturally, Alex became pregnant and gave birth to her son. Just a year later, things started to go wrong. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour, surgery resulted in serious infection and it was a decade before Alex returned to full health.

Alex takes up her story, “When I was ill I made a vow that if I recovered, I would work to help others and make the world a better place. I wanted to use my personal experience of trauma and vulnerability as a way to reach out and help people.

“At first, my ideas were very broad and involved thinking on a global scale, but I knew that I needed some help to get my project off the ground. That was where the Portobello Business Centre came in, as they were the only service I could find that offered the sort of help I was looking for, given that I was starting from scratch. I found out about them in 2012 when I was almost on the point of giving up my dream, so finding the Centre was a real breakthrough for me.

“Maria Stammers was assigned as my business adviser and she provided me with a tremendous amount of help. She recognised the value of what I was trying to do but she advised me to narrow my focus and to concentrate on achievable goals. Maria correctly identified the fact that I needed to make myself publically visible to really get started on my project.

“In the end, that line of thinking translated into my writing my book. You could say that A Woman on Purpose is all Maria’s fault! The book describes how an individual can find her own true direction to become happy in her day-to-day life, and to discover her best future.”

As well as publishing her book, Alex has a Facebook page, which boasted 26, 408 ‘likes’ at the time of writing. She regularly updates the page with her own original and inspirational poetry. Alex also licences her personal development course to other practitioners.

“The Facebook page attracts women who appreciate my poetry and gives them a flavour of the type of help I can offer,” continues Alex. “If they have found something they like, they can then visit my website where they can buy my book and get in touch with me to explore the possibility of my personal VIP Intensive mentoring service. It’s also a way for me to publicise my public speaking and courses.”

“The Portobello Business Centre has certainly helped me to achieve my goals – I’d recommend it to anyone who has a business idea but needs some help to get started.”

A Woman on Purpose on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GoldGoddessWOP

A Woman on Purpose website: http://awomanonpurpose.tv/

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