Please Help the Businesses affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower

In the past 4 months – the team at Portobello Business Centre have been working with the local businesses affected by the tragic events at #Grenfell Tower on the 14th June.

There are lots of stories out there about the cause, what happened, the victims, those affected and who's to blame - but very little mention about how the tragedy on 14th June affected the local small business community.

These businesses include the self-employed survivors who've lost family members, the local business who've lost valued friends and customers. What you won't have heard in the news is that some 40+ small local businesses were unable to trade for periods of up to 3 weeks because of their close proximity to the tower or because their businesses were behind cordoned off areas, or where roads were closed.

In the main, these businesses are small family run local traders - and as most who know anything about enterprise will know just how devastating a forced closure might be.

The businesses have started to receive some compensation funding from RBKC and the GLA – this is not funding from the millions of pounds of public donations, that rightly is for the victims - no it's funding that Portobello Business Centre had to go out and fight for and it isn't a huge sum either.

With so many people now decanted or moved out of the area the impact on the business community and the business through lack of footfall continues. Some are witnessing a downturn of 70% of turnover - and this will continue while the tower is demolished and roads are closed. Family businesses are starting to fail and the loss of a new community - the business community is starting to bite.

So here is how we need your help.

We are looking to raise funds to provide the much-needed business support to help these businesses survive - this would pay for dedicated resources over the medium term - if you can donate a small amount to help us put resources in place then do so here.

If you can help us raise funds then I want to hear from you: 0207460 5050 - [email protected]

We and the businesses also need your skills - if you have business skills and the time available to come and "do" (we don't need consultants) and are prepared to give those skills then download the Skills Register - Volunteers Grenfell form, complete it and send it to [email protected].

We need you use these businesses if you can – details of some the businesses affected can be found here or on our Twitter page @portobelloBC

Lastly, we need you to tell people - to share, post, share and share again - so that more and more people get involved and help us make a difference. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and share our updates.

Thank you on behalf of the businesses at Grenfell.